Two for Tuesday!!

I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune to bring you todays post!  I love that they are doing this every week!  It will keep me motivated to make sure to keep putting together new stuff to feature on Tuesdays!!

This week I am putting both of my superhero activities on for 50% off!  These are my two top sellers, and are also my most wish listed items!  Make sure that you grab these now!  They are both a writing activity pack, and a math activity pack!  We did a super hero day at school, and we used these products in both a first grade and my third grade classroom.  Both classes loved using them!

I am in the process of creating more superhero math worksheets as well, so be on the look out for those!!

Enjoy!!  Make sure you go check out The Teaching Tribune's page to see what everyone else is putting on sale today too!

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