Pinspired Thursday

I am linking up with Mrs. H over at Just a Primary Girl.  I love her Pinterest Thursdays even if I don't always get to them.  I love Pinterest, and it was my go to before TPT.  Of course many of the fantastic ideas out there come from TPT, so really I guess I was looking at TPT in use the whole time!

Today I am sharing with you a delicious recipe!!  My favorite recipe that I have cooked many times is a buffalo chicken!  I found it on Pinterest a while ago and I cook it every few weeks.  We love this buffalo chicken with pretzel rolls from Costco and blue cheese!

It's the easiest recipe ever, and who can go wrong with blue cheese and buffalo sauce!  I hope that you enjoy as well!  When my teaching bestie would be coming over for dinner it was always her request.  Now any time that she comes into town I try and cook it for her!  

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  1. Pinterest has so many wonderful recipes I will never have enough time (or money) to make them all. This one sounds good, too!


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