Pinspired Thursday!

I am linking up with Just a Primary Girl for Pinspired Thursday.

I love this link up because I love Pinterest and I love finding new ideas.  Pinterest is my go to for when I need something to cook too!

This week I am going to share a few things with you.

Last year I was really into making sure that I was eating healthy and staying fit before school started. I made the mistake and didn't start my workout routine until August 1.  This summer I don't want to wait that long because then I know it won't really happen.  I found this awesome July arm workout though, so I am excited to use it to kick start my work out in July!  Plus, I can do these things inside, and in Vegas, so I won't have to worry about it being too hot to work out!

I love all things maxi skirts and clothes!  I love finding new outfits to wear on Pinterest, and this is one of my favorites right now!  I love this color green, and I don't usually wear green.  Actually, I don't think that I have any green in my closet right now.  I may have to hunt for something like this really soon!  Polyvore is where I find some amazing outfits, and you can find this one here!


NADA by stylisheve featuring a jean jacket

The last thing I like to use Pinterest for is to find tasty drinks to make!  I love these drinks, and look forward to bring the ingredients with me to drink in Vegas in two weeks!!  If anyone needs a drink, come and visit!!

This one will be perfect for during the day and sitting in the conferences!  I can't wait to bring my pitcher and try out all of these different drinks!

This one looks yummy to carry around walking around the strip at night, or while we are lounging around at the pool soaking in everything we learned during the day!

Don't forget to link up with Just a Primary Girl and check out what everyone else is finding on Pinterest!!  This week everyone who links up is being entered to win a $25 TPT gift certificate too!!


  1. I wish I was going to Vegas! Ill just be getting back from Chicago. I couldn't justify the price of the air faire for only one day. Boo. Enjoy. I'd be drinking with you!!! Xo

    1. I wish you were coming too!! I was hoping to be able to meet you! I am going to be in Vegas for the week, I am supposed to be attending another conference as well. I don't know if I am going to to the TPT conference, that is still in the air!!


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