Classroom Decor for $1

Happy Tuesday!!  I know many of us are already back to school, but there are still a few people that have not finished their classrooms!

I am linking up with the Creative Classroom to bring you a new linky party this week!!

I have a secret way to decorate my classroom, that I'm sure many people might already know about, but I love it!!

How many people use fadeless paper to decorate their bulletin boards!?!  I love the paper, but it is expensive, and sometimes hard to use, especially when you want to cover a larger section!!

I have found an easy solution for you!!

I use a TABLE CLOTH from Walmart!  Thank you $1!!  I love that Walmart has many different colors, and depending on when you go you can find patterns too!!

The best part for me is that it is easy to hang by yourself!  You can staple one corner up, and then since it's not paper it doesn't rip when you let it hang down as you move down your wall and hang up the other side!!

If you have an awesome teacher tip that is tried and true make sure to link up with Ashlyn and share your tips!!

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  1. Ooh I'm excited about patterns! I have just started using wrapping paper for my bulletin boards in my classroom. Great designs like chevron, polka dots and my fave colors too.


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