Catching up Sunday!!

I can't believe it's been a week since I've blogged!  I'm so sorry!!  I know I haven't been on IG as much this week either!  I'm sorry everyone!!

We had a BUSY week last week!  We had a student teacher in first grade, and her last day was Thursday, and then we had a wedding shower after school on Friday that I helped plan.  Needless to say I spent lots of nights last week grading papers, putting gifts together, tutoring a former student in Algebra 2, and trying to catch my breath somewhere in there!!

I am finally catching up this morning to bring you my currently!!  I am amazed that I am only in the 200s!!
Listening - my husband's trusty coffee cup was filling up.  Never fails, our entire family is awake, and it is just now six o'clock!
Loving - I am LOVING this cooler weather!  The temps rose again this weekend, but last week we had our windows and doors open for almost a full 48 hours!!  AMEN!!
Thinking - I am so excited that Fall Break is only five school days away!  I leave Friday night to head to Orange County to hang out with my bestie for the weekend for her birthday!!  It is going to be AMAZING!!
Wanting - We take our standardized testing this week, and I am nervous for my students!  I know it is always a long week, and I hope that they rock the test!!  I have planned MANY breaks, brain breaks, and have some snacks to help us!
Needing - My back is killing me!  I need a massage!  Here's hoping to get one soon!!
Trick or Treat - TREAT!!  I have a TREAT for you!!  Thanks to Nicole Swisher at All Things Apple in 2nd I have a new linky party to share with you!!
My thankful cards are my favorite thing I do with my kids every week!  Every Thursday they get a new card and we add them to our ring hanging in our classroom!!  This picture is from before school started so now they are full, and the title cards are colored!!  You can get the title cards here!
I hope that you enjoy the sale!!  Come back next Sunday for next week's sale!  Check in with Farley to see what everyone is up to, and go over to Nicole's blog to see what everyone else has on sale!!
All Things Apple in 2nd


  1. Cute Blog. I was also worried that I would be a high number when I posted on Currently. I also have a nice day off next Monday. I have only been in school for 20 days, so I cannot really complain. I wish it was a little warmer, but that is only because I live in NY and I know what's coming. LOL Have fun on your girls weekend.

  2. Hey!!! Thank you sooooo much for linking up today!!! I am absolutely in love with your Thankful for cards!! I must do this!!! Great idea!

    Thanks again, and hope to see you next week!!!! :)
    All Things Apple in 2nd


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