Testing Week

Last week was our TESTING week!  Since I teach at a private school we take the IOWA test even though we live in Arizona.  We have Fall break this week so we take our tests before break.  Testing week is a long week, and we spend all morning testing.

I spent a lot of time going over my schedule, and making sure that I strategized what tests we would be taking when, and putting in a TON of brain breaks!!  Thank you Go Noodle!!  My kids loved the brain breaks, and were asking for one after every test!

As a way to give encouragement I wrote notes on their desks every morning!!  They LOVED it, and by Tuesday morning they were running in to see what was written on their desk!

These notes were so easy to write!  I just went around with an expo marker every morning and wrote about three messages throughout the room.  I tried to come up with a different theme every day so that way they would have something new to look forward to.

Tuesday was all about Rock and Roll!  We were rockstars on our testing on Tuesday!

My Wednesday and Thursday inspiration came from this pin I saw on Pinterest.  I didn't want to buy them candy, I didn't think that was going to help them, but I loved the notes of encouragement that could go with candy!

For Friday I found bible verses and printed these out for the kids to have!  I loved the idea of giving them a piece of scripture to have with them.  These cards will be great for them to look back on, and know that God is with them as they go through not only the testing, but every day life!

I have put these in my TPT store for those who were asking for them too!  My kids loved them, and I can't wait to add more to the set for them as encouragement!!

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