Life Science Test Review

Last week we finished our first science unit, and we were preparing for our test on Friday.  We had done a lot of different things in our interactive notebooks as we were reading, and learning about plants, ecosystems, adaptations, and life cycles.

To help them prepare for the test we started the week making flash cards with our vocabulary words.  We started doing this little by little in the beginning of the week so that way they could start working on them a bit each night.  I didn't want them to go home with all twenty words in one night and their parents to be overwhelmed with how many words they had to know.  The students knew most of these words already, and could tell me what they meant as we were making our flash cards.

On Wednesday we played a Scoot game to help us study for our test!

This was our first time playing a scoot game, and they thought it was so much fun!  They loved that I drew arrows on the desks to show them which ways they should move around the classroom.

They loved that around the rooms I had desks that had cards that kids didn't normally sit at.  Then, there were desks without cards, but I made them move only one desk every scoot.  There were certain spots where they were able to just stop, and take  a breath!

If you are looking for a fun life science review that covers parts of plants, ecosystems, adaptations and food chains/webs then feel free to take a closer look!

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