Sunday Circular {October 12}

Good morning from the beautiful Orange County!!  I have been enjoying my time here so far, and loving that I have been able to relax, sleep in, and just enjoy!!

This morning I am linking up with Nicole from All Things Apple!  Have you seen her new blog design too!  It's amazing!!

All Things Apple

This Sunday I am happy to bring you my savings, thanks to having some time to get some work done after school this past week!!  I have been working hard!!

Both of these new fall products are exactly what my students need to practice right now!!  They needed the reinforcement on rounding, and identifying place value, so I knew these would be perfect for them!

I hope that you enjoy them, but if you can't use either one, make sure to check out my new forever freebie!  I can't wait for some fun writing when we return from Fall Break, so I put together some writing paper that my students will be able to use to create their own stories!

Make sure you go check out Nicole's blog to see what else is on sale today too!!

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  1. Hey!!! Thank you so much for linking up today AND for my new blog design shout out!! :) I hope you're enjoying your break!!! It is too bad that I wasn't on that plane too!! ;)

    Thanks again!!
    Nicole :)
    All Things Apple in 2nd


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