Super Saturday

I am so excited!!  I just finished my AZ history class!!!  I needed this class to get my AZ certification, and I am so glad that I finally decided to sign up in December!  Now, three weeks later, I'M DONE!!  

Plus, an A is always nice too!  Now I can get everything together and go get that official license.  Yes, I've been teaching for years, but with moving from California, I let my CA license go as long as possible before I paid more money to have a piece of paper that showed I could teach!!

I'm also so excited to share a Favorite Things giveaway I am taking part in!!  You won't want to miss out on this awesome opportunity!!

Who doesn't love Flair pens, Starbucks, Dunkin, Sonic and Scentos!?!  These things are my FAVORITES!  I wish I could enter!!  Make sure you head over to my amazing friend Ashlyn's blog to enter to win this amazing set!!

I am also so excited that I am putting the finishing touches on my newly updated Superhero math pack!  I love it, and we had so much fun with it earlier this week!!

You can grab it from my store here, and while you're there make sure to take a look around as I am having a sale for the big game tomorrow!!  Who are you going to be cheering for!?

Thank you to Primary Punch for the fun graphic!  Make sure to stock up on all of those awesome Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day sets now!  February starts on Monday!!  CRAZY!

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