30 Amazing Teachers ~ Teresa

Hey everybody!  It's Teresa from 
here today and honored to be a part of  Cassandra's

I am a retired teacher turned teacherpreneur and wannabe professional photographer.  I love creating things for busy teachers to use in their classrooms to make their teaching easier.  I do custom orders and love working with teachers to create products that are just right for them (and YOU too!)  You can visit my blog by clicking on my button below.

I thought I would share with you today,
Like all of you, I have a love of all things school supply related, but I also have some other "necessities" that I keep in my desk just in case...

I also always have a sweater (jacket in the winter) just in case I have to cover an unexpected duty.  (Back in the day, I also kept a spare pair of stockings in my desk in the event of a bad run.
So, what essentials do you keep in your desk?

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