I am so excited to finally reveal to you my classroom!  It has for sure been a work in progress, and something that I have been working on since the middle of July when I was able to move into my room!  I shared some sneak peeks for you about my bulletin boards last month with Ashley and Angie, but today you get to see it all!!

I am going to share my before pictures with you so that way you can see how far I came this summer!!  I had to move rooms, and I gained a teaching partner this year!!

Panaromic picture before back to school set up was in full effect

These are both panoramic pictures I took before school started and before I had fully settled into my room!  I didn't have everything set up yet, and I was trying to figure out where things would go.

Panaromic picture before back to school set up was in full effect

This bookcase I tried to throw away, and when I first walked into my room they had just put all of the desks in the center of the room.  My janitors didn't want to carry the bookcase downstairs, so instead they decided to paint it for me!!  It now looks AMAZING!!

Classroom before pictures to show how much progress has been made

I am LOVING my Thankful For wall again this year!!  We work on these thankful cards every week! On Friday mornings the students get a new thankful card, and they record one thing that they are thankful for.  Then they hang them back up on the wall, and at the end of the year they'll take it home!

Thankful cards that students fill out every week!  By the end of the week they have a year long of thankful cards!

I'm excited to be using Angie's Brag Tags this year for my students!  Only having 11 students left me plenty of room to have them hanging right below our white board in the front of the room.  

Brag tags for students to earn rewards

I LOVE my student work display area as well!!  It is lower to the ground this year, and makes it super easy to change the work frequently!!  My students made these self portraits on the first day of school!

Student work displayed on placemats with clothespins

Since I am not teaching reading this year I only have a small reading area in my room.  I wanted to make sure to highlight some non fiction books that my students should check out.  We also use this board to write our homework down so that way they can fill out their planners.

Small area of books in my science, social studies and math classroom

 I LOVE my new math corner!!!  I use this kidney table to teach my small group lessons, and it's great because we can use the table to write on!!  Plus I have some storage right next to the table where I can store my task cards, expo markers, or all sorts of other materials I need.  This wall will be great to highlight important information that they need to continue to work on.

Small group area with math focus wall

Do you notice this "new" math manipulative storage area!?!  Yes, it's the cabinet from earlier in the post that was brown!!  My custodians spray painted it for me to match the rest of my room!!  We used the same colors on picture frames, and clothespins around the room!!  I love this area because the students know exactly where to get their manipulatives they need for their work.

Math manipulative area where students get their materials

This is now my view from the back of the room towards the front!!  I love all of the alternative seating I have, and that I don't require my students to always sit in their desk!!

View from the back of the room!

Please make sure you show off your classroom too!  Feel free to link up below, and check out these other AMAZING teachers to see what they have to share!!

You can also check out my classroom reveals with the Blog Hoppin' ladies!!


  1. Love your thankful wall! I'm going to have to pin it and make my own! Thanks for all sharing your classroom and all the great ideas. ;)

    Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs

  2. Where did you get the may do, must do, catch up, relish magnets?

  3. Where did you get the may do, must do, catch up, relish magnets?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Your room looks great!! I love how your math shelf turned out!! And I absolutely love your table and chairs in front of your thankful wall! It looks so homey!!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  6. MMM I love the gratitude wall (what I'm thankful for) and I also love how you use placemats for pops of color! My wheels are spinning now. I'm mentioning this on my scope later. Squee!
    -Jess aka
    The Whimsical Teacher


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