Peek at my Week & Sunday Scoop

I love Sundays for many reasons, and one of them is that I get to link up with some amazing people to share my plans for the week!!

First, I want to share my lesson plans for the week!

I am so excited for our final week of our religion unit!!  We started talking about creation a few weeks ago, and our ending our unit this week discussing the fall!

In math I am excited to start bringing out some of our fall units, even though it doesn't feel anything like fall here!  We are patently waiting for Halloween, that is when it finally starts to cool down!!

Finally, in science we are rocking in our earth science unit!!  These science units by The Creative Classroom and The Blessed Teacher are AMAZING!!  They both have multiple units that have made planning this unit so much fun!!

I am also excited for my goals for the week!!  I have a fun week ahead of me, and can't wait for Wednesday night when we head to the Crowder concert!!

You can check out Teaching Trio to see what they are up to this week too!!


  1. I love how you set up your plans! So simple, and so to the point. Thanks for sharing!

    Alicia Wittmer
    Wittmer's Whimsies

  2. Love that you add pics to your weekly lesson plans! So cute! Makes every day look really exciting!!! :)

    Jenny :)


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