End of year teacher treats

Have you ever wanted to do something for your entire staff, but didn't know how or what to do?  That was the boat that my coteacher and I were in during April.  We knew we wanted to do something fun for the staff, but didn't know exactly what we wanted to do.  We looked to Pinterest and found A LOT of great ideas!!  

Markers!  Perfect to let other teachers know how you've seen the impact they've left on their students and made their mark!!  Perfect for praising your fellow teachers at the end of the year!Thanks for sticking together is a great way to praise your staff for the end of the year and make sure they know how you appreciate them!

Then we came up with our calendar, planned out what we needed to shop for, and I created all of our tags!!  It was a lot of work, but so much fun!!  

Sharpies are a great gift that all teachers would LOVE to get at the end of the year!  Letting them know that you noticed how sharp they made their students is perfect praise!

Now keep in mind this was not a cheap project, nor was it something that could be done quickly.  We started planning this in April, and it was something that we had to work on constantly!  We had to make sure we had all of the tags printed, cut and ready to go.  We had to make sure we had all of the candy, or treats that went with each tag.  Some nights we had to go out and buy things the day before, there is no way to store fruit for three weeks!!  

Gathering materials to make end of the year treats for your fellow teachers is a great way to remind them of the fantastic things they've done this year, as well as have fun!

Besides it being time consuming, expensive, and hard to hide, I would totally do it again next year!!  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  The excitement it brought our staff everyday was worth every dollar spent!  You can check these out for yourself here!!

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