My Passion ~ Amazing Teachers

I was talking with Ashley Thursday night and I was telling her how much I wished I worked with more people like her and Angie!  I could go on and name so many more!  I know you have your favorites too!!  Jennifer, Ashlyn, Amy, Kristen, Marcy, Nicole, Sarah, Heather, how can I just name a few?!

But . . . then I got to thinking.

How great is it that we all have this PASSION and DRIVE to be the best teachers we can be?!  Sure, there may be days when we are down, or wish that things had gone differently, BUT we are still working hard.  We still put in the hours it takes to create the perfect lesson or idea to help our students succeed.  We work before school, after school, and during our "breaks" to make sure that we have the best we can possibly have to give to our students.

We aren't only trying to teach a whole class lesson, but we are trying to reach that one students who is still confused about the long a or short a sound.  We're trying to find hands on ideas to help our students master the difference between perimeter, area, and volume.  We work hard to make sure every student can read.  And EXCELL!

I work with some amazing people!  These ladies help me get through the day!  They share my determination to think outside the box, and to explore more than the textbook.  They help me be a better teacher!

I am so excited for Vegas this summer, I even use my new favorite hashtag #isitjulyyet ALL THE TIME!!  I can't wait to meet up with so many people that have the same passion, and drive that I do.  Being a mom is amazing, and something that I wouldn't trade for the world, but I LOVE teaching.  I love finding ways to challenge my students, motivate them to do their best, and to stay away from that copy machine!

I can't wait to connect, and be in a room full of people who have this same love that I do!!  I have started my bucket list for who I can't wait to meet in Vegas, who I can't wait to spend some more time with, and who I want to sit down and brainstorm with!  I know the conference will be over before I know it, but I am truly looking forward to what I believe will be an eye opening, exciting, AMAZING experience!!



  1. What a blessing your enthusiasm, passion, and commitment are to all of those little learners who are lucky enough to find their way into your classroom! :o) And yippee - I am SO EXCITED for Vegas!

  2. Love this! Wish I was going to Vegas to meet you!

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