Sunday Scoop ~ March 8

I am excited to be linking up, late, but linking up tonight with The Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop!

I am so excited to be on Spring Break this week!  I am super excited that I am spending it in Northern California too!  I am up in the area where my grandma lives, so I get to spend the week with my mom, daughter, sister and grandma.

I am also meeting up with Amy, fun Fun in Room 3 tomorrow night!!  I can't wait to meet Amy!!  I have been friends with Amy on IG for a long time now, and I am so excited to finally meet this sweet girl!

I am hoping to spend some time working ahead this week, but I am really looking forward to spending time with friends instead!

Next weekend I am hosting a bachelorette party, so I am looking forward to that, but need to make sure I have everything ready!  I hope the rest of you have a great week!!

Teaching Trio

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  1. I'm heading to California this week too. And I'm on Spring Break as well - enjoy your holiday!


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