Read Across America Day

We celebrated Read Across America last Monday as part of our spirit week!  It was a great week!

We started the morning reading with our chapel buddies, they're 7th graders.  We are in the middle of a school wide reading competition, and the 7th grade teacher keeps talking a good game!  We are working hard to win, and my kids chose chapter books to read with their buddies just so they wouldn't have quizzes to take!

Having students reading on Read Across America Day is the best thing to do! Getting them reading new books is a ton of fun too!

After morning recess we read some Dr. Seuss books and then took some AR quizzes to try and win this competition!

We did some writing, where we wrote our own versions of a Wocket in Your Pocket.  The kids came up with some funny things!

After lunch recess the first graders came up to hang out with us!!

Having students work with a partner on fun writing days helps the process to move quicker as you are usually limited on these types of days!

They each colored their own The Cat in the Hat, and then they wrote a story about what would happen if they hung out with The Cat in the Hat.  We had some clever stories!  They wrote their stories, after we watched Justin Bieber read us The Cat in the Hat.  They LOVED it!!

Finding awesome Youtube videos or movies that tie in with your day are a great way to bring classes together and end your crazy busy day with some calm!

We ended our day with a fun Dr. Seuss movie!!  Thank you Target!!

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