Sunday Scoop ~ March 22

I hope that you've all had as great of a Sunday as I have!!

I woke up this morning in Prescott with my babies, and we enjoyed a FANTASTIC sermon at my parent's church!!  I LOVED IT!!

Then when I got home I realized that I was in this week's TPT Newsletter!!  #cloudten #smallfish

Tonight I am linking up with The Teaching Trio to bring you my Sunday Scoop!

Our school is in the middle of a HUGE reading contest right now!  My class has been winning the whole contest, but this last week everyone works super hard because the prize is a paid day off for the teacher.  My class always looses in the end because everyone else pushes so hard!

My husband's school auction is Friday night!  I'm excited for our date night!  We haven't had one in a long time!

I started reading a new book, The Last Little Blue Envelope, and I love it!!  It's a YA novel, but these are my favorite.

I can't wait to finish my taxes!!  We are going to be getting some money back!!  YES!!

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