30 AMAZING Teachers!

This weekend I turned 30!!  I have an amazing family who spoiled me, and amazing friends who made me feel loved all week long!!  I went out with some of my bloggy besties last weekend, and went out with my work besties Friday night!!

Saturday was the big day, and I turned 30!!  As the day was rapidly approaching I keep thinking about how great my 20s were!  I graduated college, got married, moved to AZ, and had two babies!!  My 20s were life changing!!  I also started this amazing blogging and TPT journey in my 20s.

Now I am 30, and I have such high hopes and expectations for what I want my 30s to look like!!  One of the things I was trying to figure out was how I was going to CELEBRATE turning 30!! I don't mind that I'm 30 now, I don't mind that I'm not in my 20s any more.  I know that I am much wiser now then I was when I started teaching.  I know more now then I did when I started teaching.  I also know now where my support system is!!

I have AMAZING friends through my blogging and TPT life and I wanted to recognize that!!  To do this I came up with 30 Amazing Teachers!!

I am so excited for this series because I am going to be bringing you a different AMAZING teacher on Monday nights!!  There are only 52 weeks in a year, so there will be some weeks where there will be an amazing teacher here every week, but then there will be some every other week!!  I will make sure to let you know!!

This amazing journey will be kicking off NEXT WEEK, August 31, with a bloggy pal that I was so excited to meet in Vegas this summer!!!

Crystal, from The Balanced Teacher, is AMAZING!!  You won't want to miss it!!  Make sure to come back next Monday to check out what she has for you!!

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