Meet the Teacher - Monday

I am excited to share a few things about myself today!!  I hope that you enjoy getting to know me a little more!!

Dutch Bros coffee is one of my favorite things

Dutch Bros. is my favorite place to stop for coffee or smoothies!!  I tend to stop there on Tuesdays or Fridays!  Who doesn't love a treat to help them get through the week.  I feel like the Dutch Bros. company is much friendly than Starbucks, and it may just be the hours I drive through, but Dutch Bros is alway very upbeat!!  LOVE their music too!!

Teacher shirts make for a great outfit for Fridays

 If you follow me on IG, then you are probably very familiar with my teacher shirts!  I LOVE that I can wear t-shirts on Fridays, and I LOVE that my teaching friends like to rock them with me!!

Third graders help make my life fun!!

Third grade has my heart, and probably always will!  Last year my class was all about their #hashtags, and they came up with #thirdgradersrcrazy We loved using it, and they started using hashtags for EVERYTHING!!

My sweet babies are my world

My sweet babies are my world!!  They are such a blessing, and I don't know what I would do without them.  I am so thankful that I am their mom, and I LOVE moments like this when they are playing nicely and being the amazing little people I know they are!

Beyond Blessed - thanks to TPT

The TPT journey I have been on has been AMAZING!!  I have made some amazing friends thanks to TPT.  I am in Facebook groups, I am in group texts, and I get to connect to so many people across the country.  Even more than that I get to give my students the best that I can.  I know that I am not great at everything, I know I don't have time to create  perfect lesson for every subject every day.  Thanks to TPT I can find those amazing resources to give my kids what they need!!

Thanks for learning a little bit more about me!!  I can't wait to learn more about you!!  Make sure you head over to Blog Hoppin' so you can link up too!!

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