Peek at my Week - Week 3

I am excited to be diving into my second full week of school this week.  I took this last week to really get to know my kids, figure out what they are capable of, and we reworked our plans knowing what they can do in the time we have now.

I am linking up with the amazing Deedee to bring you my Peek at my Week.

You can download a PDF version of these plans with the hyperlinks for you here!!

I am loving our thankful cards, and am so excited to see what my kids are thankful for every week!

We are loving learning about changes in technology too!  It is so fun to see what they think before we start learning about the lessons!

I'm really excited to dive into our math notebooks this week, and start with Angie's Telling Time unit!!  This unit is great, and gives my kids the extra practice and review they need to show me they understand!

Thanks for checking out what I'm up to this week!!

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