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I can't believe how quickly this school year is flying!  We are already here in November, parent teacher conferences start on Friday, Thanksgiving break is just three weeks away, and then it will be Christmas before we know it!!  I LOVE the month of November, the cooler weather, and especially Thanksgiving!  I don't want this month to fly by!

I love everything about Fall!  I am so thankful that the weather has finally cooled down enough to allow me to wear my sweats, to enjoy pumpkin bread at Starbucks, and to want to order a hot coffee! I LOVE peppermint mochas, and I do order them before the new holiday menus roll out!!

I want to catch up on my DVR.  I didn't watch anything last week, so I have some Blood & Oil, Scandal, Quantico, Criminal Minds, and Shark Tank to catch up on!  Plus, I have been watching Army Wives on Netflix, and I want to find out what happens next!!  I also really need to clean my house, but these sweet babies of mine aren't taking their nap, so I can't clean my house, or catch up on my DVR.  I love them, but some days they drive me bananas!!  :D

Welcome to November everyone!!  Thankfully we all survived Halloween, and the craziness of last week!  Here is to a week of celebrating what we are thankful for, rejoicing in the gifts that we have been given, and sharing with those less fortunate than us!

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  1. I also need to clean my house...& have a baby that needs to nap. Can't do the first until the 2nd happens...though I usually use his nap time to just sit and do nothing. Oh well! Good luck with yours!

    Sliding into 1st

  2. There are no babies who need naps in my house but I'm impressed you have so many things on your DVR. We ditched our DVR and just stream now but I hardly ever watch TV at all....maybe 2-3 times per MONTH I will sit in front of the TV...and usually its when Hubby bugs me to watch a movie with him ;)

  3. I hear ya on the babies who need to nap! Mine took forever to go down today, and by the time they did, all I did was just sit and grade. I was too tired to, we still have a mess and Halloween explosion. Some other day, right?!?

  4. I broke out the crockpot this weekend and made loaded baked potato soup. I think the best thing about fall is soup in the crockpot (and hot drinks from Starbucks!). Have a great November...I hope it slows down too.
    On the Go Teacher Mama


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