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Hi Everyone!

I am so excited and honored to be a guest blogger on Cassandra’s blog and to be included in her 30 Amazing Teachers line up. She is such an amazing teacher and friend. She is always helping others and sharing kindness with everyone around her. I am blessed to call her a friend and a coworker.  

Cassandra is actually the one who got me started in the blogging world just under a year ago. She designed my button, helped me put my blog together, and encouraged me to actually use it. Through her encouragement I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing teachers and have become a part of a wonderful network of teachers. It has been an amazing year.

One thing I have noticed looking back on my blogging year is that I have never really given any information about me, just little tidbits here and there. So, I have decided to share some things about myself.

I married my college sweetheart and we will be celebrating six years of marriage this December and 8 years together this March. We have a beautiful little girl who is now a year and a half. We also have a golden retriever (my fur baby Krypto) who will be 6 in April. I have only lived in Arizona for 7 years. I grew up in the beautiful SoCal and that is where all of my family is still living. We get to enjoy the beautiful SoCal weather for all the holidays.

I am a coffee addict. I thought I had gotten rid of the “addiction” before I got pregnant with my daughter but then she was born and I learned what tired really was and I am now back to being a huge coffee drinker. I love dark chocolate and Reese’s. I love to read in any spare time I manage to find. One of my favorite series to read is Anne of Avonlea. I have read it more times than I care to admit. If I am not reading in my spare time, I am creating something, I create a lot for my classroom but I also create games and activities for my little nephew. He is in preschool so that has challenged my creating scope a little but it is fun.

I also love to bake. I find it calming; however I don’t like to eat most of what I bake. Aside from my love of chocolate, I am not a big sweets person. I will bake it for those around me but I do not indulge. I love making people happy with their favorite treats and I love the yummy smells it brings to my kitchen. I also enjoying cooking meals but it’s not as challenging as some of the cool sweet treats.

Blogging, TpT, Instagram, Twitter, Persicope, and Blab are all new to me. I have improved a great deal with blogging, Instagram, and TpT; however the others have not improved. I only use Twitter for the awesome TpT Chat. I only watch other teachers on Periscope and Blab; I haven’t actually talked on either myself. Maybe someday when I have gained a little more confidence on this new adventure.

Well that is just a little bit about me. Hope you enjoyed!

Have a wonderful week!

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