2 for Tuesday - Classroom Decor

Setting up a new classroom is what I LOVE to do!!  I love being able to pick out where everything is going to go, what the labels are going to look like, and how I am going to organize everything!  I love having everything all set up so that way students know exactly where to find things, where to turn things in, and our classroom is inviting!

Today I am sharing my superhero classroom decor and my schedule cards at 20% off to help you being to prepare for your new school year!  I love having schedule cards so that way students always know what is coming next!  This is perfect in a third grade classroom, as students like to know what to expect.  These cards do not have times on them, or clocks, but you could add these after the cards if you feel like your students need to know the times. I chose not to add these because I liked the flexibility of not having that.

My superhero classroom decor is amazing for all of your organization and labeling needs!  There are word wall labels, number labels, class schedule cards, welcome signs, days of the week cards, and so much more!  This is perfect to set up your class in a superhero decor with blue and green!!

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