5 Must Have - Clothes

Teachers need to feel comfortable in their classrooms, and these five pieces will help them do exactly that!

These five pieces will help you prepare for back to school this year!  I live in Arizona where it is nice and hot but I still wear jeans, maxi skirts and pants like everyone else.  Luckily I get to stay in my sandals all year, and don't have to worry about those snow boots!

Tank tops are perfect to wear under cardigans during the warmer weather, and in winter with a scarf.

1 - Tank tops.  I love these tank tops from Old Navy because they are long and perfect for layering under anything!  I have them in almost every color of the rainbow, but black and white go with everything!

Black pants are the perfect pair to fun tops!  I love having linen pants and capris to look professional but comfortable at the same time.

2 - Comfortable black pants.  I love these pants from Old Navy too!  They are so comfortable and I can wear them with anything!  I have full length linen pants from Old Navy, and then capri pants from JCPenney.  These pants look awesome from New York and Company too!

Maxi skirts are amazing!!  They are my favorite piece because they keep me cool and I can dress them up or down!  They are perfect for the classroom because they are easy to move in.

3 - Maxi skirts!  I LOVE maxi skirts! Some of my favorite maxi skirts are from LuLaRoe, JCPenney and Target!  Maxi skirts are pjs for teachers.  A maxi with a cute tank, or tee is amazing!!  You can pair them with a cardigan or jean jacket in the cooler weather or cooler mornings too.

Leggings feel just like pjs!  I love wearing them with a long shirt, or a fun dress!  They are great because it is easy to move in them and work with my students.

4 - Leggings!  I LOVE leggings and a long tunic!!  These are amazing during the winter with some tall boots too!  There are so many amazing leggings out there, and I am so thankful that LuLaRoe has the softest and best leggings out there!

On Fridays we are allowed to wear jeans and a teacher shirt! I love showing off my love for my students and how much I love my job.  These are perfect to share your love for your job!

5 - Your favorite teacher t-shirt!  I LOVE my shirts from Claire Lynn!  They are amazing! I love that I am able to show off how much I leave teaching wearing them.  Jennifer, The Blessed Teacher, also designs shirts and sells them on IG.  

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