Big Things Coming - JULY!!

I have big plans ahead for the month of July!  You are going to want to check in often to find out all of the exciting things going on!

I am so excited for the month of July!  There are so many amazing things coming this month!!  I am working on so many different things.  Have you heard of the book, Move Your Bus by Ron Clark!?  I LOVED it and can't wait to share everything I learned from it!!  You can join me every Sunday to link up about the book and how we are each going to help move our own bus this next school year!!

Move Your Bus book study is going to take place every Sunday in July!

Over the next five weeks we are going to break down the book so we can all dive in deeper and check things out!!

July 3 - The 5 People on the Bus
July 10 - Why Runners are Important
July 17 - How to Become More Like a Runner
July 24 - Ways to Keep the Bus Moving
July 31 - How to Move Your Bus This Year

I'm also excited to bring you some amazing blog series this month!!  My favorite one will be every Friday, about the five things you will need!  5 school supplies, 5 baskets every classroom needs, 5 must have clothes for every teacher's closet!!

I can't wait to celebrate with you all month and have an amazing last month of summer!

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