Bullet Journaling Update

Bullet journaling is a great way to get all of your ideas down and in one place!

I found bullet journaling this year and have fallen in love with it!!  I first shared about it here, but today I am giving an update on how things have gone so far.

Keeping a list of blog post ideas is a great way to keep ideas coming when you can't seem to think of anything that day.

I started this page a few months ago, and love that I have been able to add to it over time.  After I have finished the blog post I put the date next to it, and helps me to know that I already wrote about it and can move on to another great idea.

Using a calendar can help you to plan out your month so that way you can set your big goals for the month before you break down the steps to reach those goals.

I used a calendar view to help me plan out my month of July! I am very excited about what is coming this month, and all of the great things that I have planned!  Using a month view helped me to plan out when the blog posts would go live, and when I wanted to have products done by.  It helped me see the big goals I had so that way I could break them down into smaller steps.

Finally I use daily lists to help me break down all of my goals into smaller pieces so that way I can make sure that I can reach those goals!  I love these lists because it helps me feel accomplished and know that I am taking care of the things that I need to do to reach all of my goals.  Do I use this as much as I should to keep myself organized, no, but at least it helps me stay on top and complete my goals!

What kind of planner do you use to help yourself?!  I would love to hear what you are doing!  You can check out my Pinterest board for more great ideas as well!


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