Move Your Bus Book Study

There are many important ways to keep your bus moving!  You want to make sure that your whole staff is on the same page so that way you can keep your bus moving in the direction you want it to!

We need to dream big to help our busses move at quick speeds!!  By doing this we can achieve big things!

When you want the bus to move, and move quickly, you need to DREAM BIG!!  If you don't set your sights high enough then you will have nothing to run for!  By setting BIG dreams ahead of you then you know what you are running for!  You know WHY you want to keep running, and you have something in mind to achieve!

By setting goals you are able to achieve big things!  Making goals helps you keep on the right path and know where you are going!

Once you have those big dreams you need to make goals for yourself.  How quickly are you going to get there, when do you want to be able to do it, and how are you going to do it!?  Your school should make up goals as well, so that as a staff you can work together to achieve them and help your bus keep moving quickly!

We want our bus to MOVE and we won't be able to do this by complaining about everything, we need to find the good even in the bad.

We want to find a way to keep our schools positive.  I know how hard this can be.  We have things that we don't always love.  It could be your coworker, the supply room, office staff, responsibilities you have, or even sometimes your principal or board, BUT you have the power to point out the good and not always point out the bad.  When we spend so much time complaining or talking about the negative things, we forget to celebrate the positives.  Instead of complaining that you have to eat lunch with your students, CELEBRATE that you get to build and deepen those relationships.  Sure, they may not always be exactly what you want, but you have the ability to turn around your school by turning around YOUR attitude first.

Thank you for joining us again this week!  Make sure to check out Ashley at Adventures in a First Grade Jungle to check out her insights on this too!

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