5 People on the Bus

There are five important jobs on the bus.  Each bus has these people on it, but which one are you!?

There are five types of people on the bus!  Our bus, since most of us are in the classroom, are our schools.  We all have a part in our schools, so which part are you?  Are you a runner, jogger, walker or rider?!
Runners are amazing! They work hard, long and strong! They do anything they can to keep the bus moving!

Runners are the people who are moving quickly, faster than everyone else!  They are the ones who step up and take charge!  They volunteer for everything!  Think about it, you know, that one person on your staff who always volunteers to help, takes on extra responsibilities, and are ready to work with a smile!  They enjoy their job, love doing things to help their bus move faster, and get excited about what is ahead of them!  We are going to spend the next few weeks talking about runners, and how we can all become the runners we want to be on our busses!

Joggers are hard workers, but don't tend to go above and beyond what is called for.  They help pull the bus ahead, but don't always go above and beyond.

Joggers are still hard workers!  They show up early, but not as early as the runners.  They volunteer for one big project a year.  Joggers love to be recognized for what they do.  They get really excited about the one project that they work on, and want everyone to know how much they do for it.  They are excited about their job, love working with the runner, but don't know how to run all the time.  With enough encouragement and push, they could become more like a runner.

Walkers move slowly with the bus.  They usually complain about things, and wonder why everyone else is moving so quickly.

Walkers don't understand why the runners or joggers push so hard.  They don't know why people are so excited about their job, and often tend to be complainers.  The walkers whisper in the corner with their friends, pointing out the things that others are doing.  They try and get others to their side, and to convince them that what others are doing is wrong too.  You do not want to be a walker.  You do not want to be known as the walker on your staff.

Riders sit on the bus and do nothing! They don't help the bus at all!

Riders are the dead weight on the bus.  The riders complain, watch, and just sit there.  They don't do anything to help move the bus forward.  Really the riders are only on the bus because they can't get off the bus.  Due to the way some school systems are riders are allowed to stay on the bus even though everyone knows that they aren't helping.  Even if you think you can help a rider, you really can't.  They won't change because they are set in their ways, and think that their routine is great even if they have been doing it for the past 20 years. 

Drivers are the most important people on the bus!  They keep the bus moving and encourage all the other people on the bus!

Drivers are in charge of the whole bus!  They keep the bus moving, directing people, and helping their runners run!  Drivers spend a lot of time watching the bus, watching the people on the bus, but really they put a lot of effort into their runners.  A great driver will not give all people on the bus the same rewards, but instead, will show the runners how much they appreciate all that the runners do for the bus.  A great driver will make the joggers help the runners, and acknowledge what the runners do!  Drivers want to keep the bus moving, so will work with all of their power to have the best people on their bus!

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Join us next week to find out why runners are important!

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  1. I love this book! I think I am personally in between a jogger and a runner. There are times when I definitely give it all and other times when I try to keep up, but am definitely not ahead of the pack.


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