Daily 5 - SUCCESS!!

Today my kiddos took their next Star reading test this morning.  We take it at the beginning or end of every trimester to set their new AR goals.  I then usually look at the data, and send home their new goals for parents to approve.

Well, today I didn't have a chance to look at their results before our resource teacher checked them out.  She went and talked to our first grade teacher who is my Daily 5 buddy!  We originally had tried to have daily 5 meetings once a week to talk about what we were doing, but she's got four kids, I have two babies, and it didn't work out.

Needless to say we are both doing it, and loving it.  We are both worried that we aren't meeting everything we need to, but are so glad that we aren't reading the same stories over and over again, and just doing a worksheet to do one.

Well the reason my resource teacher went to talk to the first grade teacher was to talk about how awesome our two classes did!  So far my kids are doing amazing!!  Almost every kid has already shown a year's growth, and my class averaged a 15% increase in their national average!!  That is amazing to me!!  Yes, I still have my low kids, who work with the resource teacher.  I also have my above average kids who I try to challenge, but could probably be teaching us the class.

I am so proud of my kids!!  It is amazing to see such progress, and such growth!  I am so excited for my kids, and to see that our hard work is paying off!  I can't wait to see how they do on the standardized testing in the fall, and to see the growth they should show!!  I am hopeful that our new fourth and second grade teachers will be interested in what we are doing as well so we can try to keep the constancy going!!

Most of my kids are now scoring nationally above 80%, with a few still in the 70s!  I only have two kids, who aren't serviced, who are still in the third grade reading level.  I am so happy we are using the Daily 5, my kids can read any book they like, and they are able to all read at their reading level!!

What tests or ways do you measure your students growth?  I would love to hear new ideas on how to show how much my students have grown!!

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