Happy Wednesday, meet the teacher Monday style!!

I am so excited to be linking up with Trina again over at The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom!  I love that you can link up any day, and that it isn't only on Mondays!!

This week we are looking at the FAST FIVE!!  PS I love this movie and don't know how they are going to go on without Paul Walker!  :(

1.  List five things you always keep in your purse - 
I ALWAYS have chap stick!!  It is a must!  
My wallet, school keys, library card and camera are my other must haves!

2.  List five things you love about yourself - 
I'm a planner
My love to give to others
My passion to teach
I love to read,
I am willing to keep learning 
(This was a really hard question for me!)

3.  List five things you do to keep yourself entertained - 
READ - I wish I could stay at home every day curled up with a good book in front of the fireplace!  Since having kids I realize what a joy it is to have 10 minutes of peace to read!
Play with my kiddos
Check Instagram
Read amazing blogs
Watch The Bachelor, Revenge, or HIMYM

4.  List five things that attract you to the opposite sex - 
Funny, outgoing, kind, easy going, loves kids (My hubby!!)

5.  List five things you wish to accomplish in 2014 - I have set many, many different goals for 2014!! I want to spend more time with my husband (aren't they always the last ones to get our time!)  
I want to spend more time with my kids, really with them (not checking IG).  
I wish I could go to a math conference this summer to learn more about this Singapore stuff!  
I wish we could find a way to get a second car.  
I hope that we will be able to refinance our home, and find ways to become smarter with the finances that God has blessed us with!

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