The Sunday Scoop ~ January 5

I am excited to be joining this linky again tonight!  I can't believe it is already Sunday night though, and I am headed back to school tomorrow!!  How did that happen so quickly!?

Staff meetings are not always exciting as most of us know.  We have our first one of 2015 on Wednesday.  I am hoping we will have a short meeting!  My son has to stay in aftercare until I am done every day, so when our staff meetings go later, he has to stay in aftercare later.

I have bible study on Friday and I need to get started finish my bible study!!  I am really looking forward to it, I just haven't started yet.

I have a great idea of what I want to start working on for my next big TPT project.  I am hoping to get started working on it, because I know it is going to take me a while to work on it.  I'm really excited about it!!

I am super excited for my new meal planning I've started again too!  I plan a month at a time, so I searched Pinterest for yummy recipes!  Thank you to everyone who shared fun ideas with me on my currently last week too!!

I hope that you all have a great Monday back at work!  Make sure to go check out Rocky Top Teacher on Facebook tomorrow morning too!  She is starting a new motivational Monday!!  I am so looking forward to it!!

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