Superhero Fun!!

Today we celebrated Superhero Day!!  It was so much fun!  We had superhero day last year, and I have looked forward to this day all year!!!

I started off my morning running around trying to get everything ready!  I was home sick yesterday so I didn't really get things done ahead of time like I normally would.  I was really printing things this morning, and laminating while I was trying to feed my son breakfast!

We always start our day with religion, and this week we are talking about Jesus being a superhero!!  I am loving this unit, and can't wait until I finish it!!  This morning we were talking about Jesus healing, and the faith these people had to have to believe that Jesus was going to heal them!  My kids are doing great thinking about these questions, and we are enjoying these stories!

During math we played a lot of different superhero activities!!  My kids were playing Bump with multiples of 2, 5, and 10.  We had to review the rules halfway through class because some of them had forgotten how to play.

In another corner I had our multiplication task cards put up on a white board for easy access.  This way students could hold their clipboards and answer the questions.  They didn't have to worry about losing a card, or throwing them around at each other.

In another corner of the room I had students using rulers and unifix cubes to measure superheroes!  They loved it, and were engaged!  It was amazing!

We were graphing superheroes too!!  Students used their pencils and a paper clip to spin their spinners.  They were each able to spin ten times, and then record their data and analyze it!  Once they had spun the spinner ten times I had them predict what would happen if they spun it twenty times, so they had to spin ten more times!

Later in the afternoon we met up with our first grade friends and we created our own superhero and wrote about them!  We had some very creative superheroes coming to life and I can't wait to get them all hung up tomorrow!

I can't find who I found the template for the superhero last year, but I will keep looking!!  The adjective sheet next to it can be found here!

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