~Light Bulb Moments~

I am so excited, but so sad I didn't take a picture of the board of the students while we were talking about it!!

In math today we started talking about fractions.  I know, fractions, one of the hardest things for students to wrap their heads around.  Especially third graders!!  I even had a few moans and groans when I said we were going to work on them today.  We briefly talked about them before Christmas break, but not too much.

Today we were talking about equivalent fractions.  I wanted them to find an equivalent fraction for 1/4.  We had already done an example for 1/2, and talked about how we figure it out, drew pictures, and talked about the math.

The first hand went up, and he said 25/100.  I asked him to explain how he knew that, and he said because one quarter is 25 cents, and you need four quarters to make a dollar!!  YES!!!  We covered money extensively in the fall!

The next hand went up!  He answered 15/60.  I asked him to explain, and he said there were 15 minutes in a quarter of an hour, and there are 60 minutes in an hour.  YES!!  We also covered clocks and time extensively in the fall!!

The next hand went up!  125/500.  His answers was a little crazier on how he figured it out, but again, YES!!

The light bulbs are beginning to click!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  #lightbulbmoment #proudteacher #ibraggedtomycoworkers

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  1. I love it when you can see the "I've got it!" bulbs begin to light up! :o)


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