Currently ~ December

Here are we, counting down 24 days until Christmas!!  How does this always happen so quickly!!

I am linking up with Farley today for another month of currently!!

I am hooked on Army Wives and have been watching like crazy! I am almost done though and then what am I going to watch while I'm up working!?!

I am LOVING Christmas!  I LOVE everything about Christmas!  My tree is up, decorations are outside, lights are on, and candles are burning!!  We have a fake tree though, so I have those awesome Bath and Body Works candles making my house smell good!!

I am sitting at my table working and there is always a draft here.  I need to go grab my blanket!!

I really need to a wrapping party!!  I have presents I need to wrap and love to watch Christmas movies while I wrap them!!

I hope that you all have a great December!  Be strong, and know that you have Santa and his elf on your side!!


  1. I love Christmas too!! I'll have to check out Bath and Body Works' candles!! I usually buy Yankee Candle :-)


  2. I posted in my Currently too how I love Christmas. There is just something special about this time of year!

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