Spreading Holiday Cheer: Fun Classroom Activities for December

There are so many great things to do in your classroom, and so many ways to make your classroom come to life in December!

Reading Christmas books is a great way to keep students engaged and a fun resource to use for different activities

One of my favorite things to do is to read some amazing books, and then do crafts or art projects to bring the stories to life!  One of our favorites to read is Mooseltoe!

Building their own moose students are able to be creative and have fun!

When we read Mooseltoe we talked about the problem in the story, and then how the problem was solved.  It is fun to see creative ways to solve the problem as well, and the kids really enjoy this story.

A finished moose shows off what they remember from the story, and is a great visual before their write about how to decorate a tree
When we are done reading, then we create our own Mr. Moose dressed up as the Christmas tree!  They are so unique in the way that they create their moose!

Check out more fun activities for you to do in your classroom!

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