Product Swap - Reflecting

The end of the quarter is always a super stressful time!  There is always so much to do.  Then you add in Christmas being the week after your quarter ends and your world of crazy gets even worse!!

Thankfully I was blessed to be part of a product swap and was blessed with an amazing product that helped us take time to reflect on what the quarter looked like!

I don't know about you, but I love time to reflect on my learning, and to think about how I can improve and make things better.  This portfolio product from Tried and True Teaching Tools was awesome to do just that!!

These two reflection sheets were perfect for my students to start looking at now as our quarter is ending and as we prepare for the third quarter.

It was great to see what my students thought they were good at, and looking at what a great goal could be for the next quarter.  I am then going to send them home after break so that way their parents can add their reflection to it as well.

The semester self-evaluation sheet will be perfect to start talking about after break as we set goals for not only the new year, but also the new quarter and semester.  It will be great to talk about how goals are measurable, and then how we can track their goal.

Now here is the best part for you!  You can win this product, along with all of the other products that were given away!!  Make sure to enter so you can have your students reflect on their learning!!

Kovescene of the Mind Product Swap Products

You can hop to all of the other blog posts to learn more about the products here!!


  1. Yay, I'm so glad your students were successful with the reflections!! I couldn't teach without using portfolios. Thanks for using and reviewing, Carissa!!

  2. Students reflecting on their school achievements and work habits is a great way to help teach goal setting. Thanks for sharing this product.

  3. Setting goals is so impprtamt! I plan to do this with my students right after the break too! Thanks for some great ideas for how to make it work!

  4. What a great way to wrap up learning. My product also saved my sanity before vacation. Thank you for joining us.


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