It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: Art Projects and Craftivities

One of my favorite craftivities is building a snowman.  There are so many great ways to do this, and last year we had a snowman day!  The day was complete with math projects, writing prompts, building a snowman, and of course watching Frosty!  The kids had a great time.

Having students create snowman is a great way to keep them engaged, and a fun way to talk about how God made each of us unique!

The students cut out their snowman pieces and then were able to assemble their snowmen.  We talked about how different all of their snowmen would look, even if they were all built out of the same pieces.  It is a great way to tie in how God made us all different, and that each one of us is unique.

A classroom full of snowmen, where each one is different from the others!  Love their individual personalities come out too!

When we were finished with our snowmen I immediately put them up on my wall.  If I don 't do this right away then they will get lost in the sea of crazy that is Christmas, and not end up going up.  I couldn't let these go by without showing off their awesome work!!

Adding glitter to anything will make a mess, but make everything so much better!  These snowflakes from the Dollar Spot are perfect to spruce up your classroom!

Another favorite and EASY decoration piece that we like to do is our snowflakes!  Once again I am able to talk about how different they all look, and how unique we all are.  It is AMAZING how they turn out!  Then I hang them from my ceiling and I love it because I usually leave them up until the beginning of February when we start decorating for Valentine's Day.

Thank you for joining me for day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas.  Be sure to check out these other amazing ideas to find ways to bring more arts to your classroom!!

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