When do you teach!?

Two blog posts in one day, what is going on!?!  It is my productive night, AKA my sitting in bed blogging night.  Yes, I am neglecting those spelling tests sitting in my teacher bag, and I will regret that this weekend, but right now I need this outlet!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share with you my schedule!

I created this visual for my blog, but I give my parents a schedule that shows what we are doing each day, broken down with our specials where they go, so parents and the office know where we are, or what we are working on.

I have found that by giving parents a more detailed schedule of our day it helps eliminate them making doctors appointments during our core subjects!

Now, before you worry that I am spending too much time on science and social studies, and not enough on math or reading, let me explain.

Our school bumps for math.  This means that I send three third graders to fourth grade, and I receive four second graders for math.  Due to this I am very limited in when I can have math.  Since we are moving kids around, we all schedule math at the same time, and 9-10 is what I was given.  I wish I could spend longer on math, and I always try to start a few minutes early.  Last year I was able to have math from 8:45 - 10, but I was only sending three, and gaining one.  This year with sending and receiving so many it makes it harder to add time when I don't have kids there.

Then in the afternoon I have a special EVERY DAY, except Monday, at 1:15.  These specials range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.  Some days, for example Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have two specials in the afternoon, so I have almost no time for science or social studies.

Make sure to check out Blog Hoppin' so you can see what everyone else is doing all day too!!

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  1. I spend the same amount of time for math. Sometimes you've got to deal with what you've been given.


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