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I feel like I have been sharing A LOT about myself lately, but I will try and share some things that you may not already know about me.

I have been married for 7 years now, my husband and I met during my junior year of college.  We actually met at Fish Fest, which is a Christian music festival in Irvine.  My husband had just broken up with his girlfriend the night before the concert.  Now, we are talking about 2006, before Facebook was big, and there was no IG.  We were still using iChat, or instant messaging to talk, and even texting wasn't too big yet.  Needless to say, before we left the concert that day he asked for my screen name!!

We started talking on instant messaging the next day, and a few days later he asked for my phone number.  I knew that he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and I had not too long before that broken up with a boy that I had liked since elementary school.  We started talking, and took things SUPER slow!  Well, for the first week! haha

Before school was over in May, we were making plans of when I would come back to visit that summer.  We went on our first official date in May, to a Brad Paisley concert, and that was the night of our first kiss!  Two weeks later I came back to visit, and we exchanged those three little words!!

I swore he was going to ask me to marry him for my birthday, but he made me wait until the Friday night before Thanksgiving break!!  I had our wedding planned, bridesmaids asked, dress, venue and catering picked out four days later when he came to my parent's house for Thanksgiving!!  We were married seven months later, June 30, 2007!

We've had our ups and downs since we got married, and we have lived in two apartments, his parent's house, a friend's house, and our first home!  We have lived in four cities, and two states!

We are both teachers, so we are able to explore during the summers, and go on many fun vacations!!  Our favorite friend vacation was two summers ago when we were able to go to Hawaii!!

We spent a week with these two fantastic people in Kawaii and I can't wait to go back!!  We are hopeful that we'll be able to go back in 2017 for our ten year anniversary!  We're hopeful they won't be pregnant or have a newborn so they can go with us!!  We have done many trips together, as we have always lived apart since we have been friends!  We have spent time in Orange County, Sonoma, Vegas, Scottsdale and Phoenix!  Now that we have babies our times together are less frequent, but always just as great!!

Baby girl's god parent's are another set of amazing friends we have!!

My senior year of college Nicole was a sophomore and we somehow convinced the boys that I was an RA for that we were twins, but had different parents because our parents were divorced and remarried.  She lived with our dad, and I lived with our mom.  It was SOOO funny!!  We have made many, many memories over the years!!

I was blessed to be in many weddings one summer, these two weddings were only two weeks apart, and were for two of my sweetest friends!!  Nicole's wedding was BEAUTIFUL, but my camera died before the wedding started, so I don't have a picture of the four of us from her wedding!!

I would not be the teacher I am today without this fantastic lady!!  Chelsea is AMAZING!

Chelsea started at my school my third year there, and I was nervous because the person she was replacing was pretty great!  I was excited to have another young person on staff with me though, as I was the youngest person on staff by 5 years before Chelsea got there!!

This girl has helped me in so many ways!!  She was with me through both of my pregnancies, the first one to come visit me in the hospital and at home.  She is always there for me when I need a shoulder, or an ear!  We have had many ice cream dates!  Now, she has moved on and her mission has taken her to Vegas!  She is doing amazing things there, and I miss her greatly, but am so thankful that I was able to see her THREE times this summer!!

An amazing person that has had a fantastic impact on our son was our youth pastor, Logan.  This guy always goes above and beyond!

Uncle Logan played the drums at church, worshiped for us during chapel, and always was eager to come over and play with us!!  Uncle Logan and Aunt Ashley are greatly missed, and my Bubs is still looking for them at church!  Even as I am typing this he keeps looking at this and saying Uncle Logan and Bubba!!

I wish that there would be a time in life again when I would be with all of these fantastic people in my life, and that I could spend time with them all again.  I guess that is why everyone says enjoy college while you are there, because in those moments those are your favorite people and you will never have an experience like that again.  I am so thankful that I will have another time like that though, when we get to heaven and I get to rejoice and party with these people every day!!

If you've made it this far THANK YOU!!  I hope that you now know a little bit more about me, and the amazing women who have helped make me who I am!!  I wouldn't be the woman I am without my MOM though!  She is truly my best friend, and my biggest supporter!!  Plus, she is an amazing grandma and my kids wouldn't be half as amazing as they are without her!!

Check out the amazing other author bloggers, and get to know them as well!!

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