Currently - August!

I can't believe it is August 1 already!!  Where did our summer go!?!

I am linking up this evening with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

I love the first of the month just for this linky party!
Most of these are pretty easy to understand.
I was listening to my son fighting going to bed.  Some night it is super easy to get him to sleep, and other nights it is like pulling teeth.  No joke, it took almost an hour, but now he is finally asleep so I can enjoy watching some more Hart of Dixie!!  I found this show on Netflix, and have been watching it all week while I've been working!
I am loving that the TPT sale is on Monday and Tuesday!!  I can't wait to get so many things that are on my WISHLIST!!
What are some of the amazing things on your wish list that you can't wait to get!?!
I am thinking about all of the amazing things that I am trying to get done by Monday!!  There is so much to get done, and my to do list is slowly getting checked off, but it isn't all done yet!!  Two days, can I do it!?!
I am wanting a former student of mine to get better.  I found out from another student yesterday afternoon that she was in the hospital with Guillian Barre Syndrome.  She is at the children's hospital in the area and I am going to go visit her tomorrow, but am not looking forward to go to the hospital.  Last time I was at that hospital I was visiting one of my other sweet students after her horrible plane crash.
I am needing more hours in the day, but what working mom doesn't need more hours!?  I am trying to get so much done before we report back to school on Monday, and I know I am going to run out of time.  Now, I just need to prioritize what I want to get done in time.
I start work on Monday, and our kids come back on August 11, the following Monday.  Our rooms have to be ready to go by Thursday, August 7 though.  We let our kids come in early and drop off their materials.
Make sure you link up with Farley, and check out what everyone else is up to!!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your student! She is in my prayers!

    August 11? Wow! Exciting! Good luck with the first few weeks. Wishing you a great school year!

  2. We have the same bedtime battles in our house some nights. It does make it difficult to get all of your work done. Sometimes it's 10:00 until I can finally get around to getting work done, after bedtime routine, breakfast prep, folding laundry, etc! I too am also excited about the TPT sale. Lots to get done before Monday!

    I am sorry to hear about your student. It is never easy to see our little ones unwell (whether they're our own little ones, or the ones we teach). Keeping her in my prayers!

    Good luck with the start of your school year!

  3. We were just at our friends and listened to the "bedtime battle" go down in their household. I am also excited for the TPT sale but couldn't help but buy a few things on my wish list early--couldn't hold off! Time for more shopping : ) Good luck on your first day back! Hope you have a productive weekend!

    The Sassy Sub

  4. So sorry about your student. It is amazing how our students become just as much our own once they are in our class.

    I too am excited about the TPT sale. I have a ton of stuff in my cart and ready to hit purchase on Monday!!!!!

  5. I LOVE Hart of Dixie. It is so cute! I agree we totally need more hours in the day. They just speed by! Have a lovely day!!!
    Ramona Recommends


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