Classroom Reveal!! {Part 1}

Welcome to my classroom this year!  I am so excited to show you the amazing things I have set up and have ready for this year's class!!

I am linking up with Just a Primary Girl to show off the beginning of my room!!

It has been quite a whirlwind getting everything ready!!

I am so excited for this board!  I am going to leave it a surprise for now what I am going to be doing with it!!  Let's just say I am taking a spin on Catherine's Classroom Expectations and Belief Subway art!!   If you don't have them up in your classroom yet, you need to check them out!  I LOVE THEM!!

I used blue fabric for the board, and I couldn't seem to get it tight enough so you couldn't see the wrinkles in the fabric.  I also used Creative Teaching Press's green chevron borders!  I LOVE chevron and this color!

I am so excited to have a show what you know board this year!  I used Creative Teaching Press's cute library pockets to make this area!  I am excited that I can use this area this year to check what students know before they leave the room in certain areas.  I have a bucket with post it notes near this door, as well in the back of my classroom as well.

I am REALLY excited about where I am going to hang my student work this year!  I purchase these PLACE MATS from the Dollar Tree a few years ago, and had them displayed in a different area in the past.  I have actually moved them twice in the past three years!

I don't think I'll be moving them again!  They are hanging above my windows now, and 25 placements stretch beautifully across my room!  I used my number labels, attached to a clothes pin, and then hot glued the clothespin to the placemat!  This way I won't have to staple any work!

This is probably my least favorite part of my room.  Those are not only textbooks, but also workbooks that I have to give to each kid.  I hate having my kids fill out workbooks, filing in the blanks!  I love interactive notebooks so much more!  I am hoping that I will be able to incorporate those A LOT into these workbooks.  The crazy part is that this isn't even all of them because I didn't order the reading workbook, spelling workbook, social studies workbook, and our new science workbooks aren't in yet!!

How do you battle the workbook craze?!

This is by far going to be my favorite part of  my room this year!  I love that my kids are going to take time to reflect EVERY WEEK on something that they are thankful for!!  On one side of the board you can see where I have their rings hanging ready for them to start adding things they are thankful for.  On the other side of the board I put some inspirational quotes for us, and some family pictures.  I have a blank where I plan on putting a class picture too!

I made this board with a $1 tablecloth from Walmart, and then turquoise chevron borders from Creative Teaching Press!!  I also used my thankful for banner!  I have a coordinating front card, that you can see pictured, and then a freebie of thankful cards!  I plan on adding to the set I have so far, so it will be an ongoing project that will continue to grow!

The next part of my room that is new this year that I am super excited about is my moving word wall!  I saw so many great ideas on different blogs!  I loved Catherine's idea, from the Brown Bag Teacher! I also love the way Marcy did hers, Saddle up for Second Grade!

I didn't write any words on my rings yet, and have an extra ring after the letter z with precut cards, hole punched and ready to go.  On the first day of school I am going to have every student write their name on a card so we know how to spell each other's names.  Then every week I'll have students write their spelling words on the cards for us!  I can't wait for this tool to be used!  If you love the letters I used, you can grab those here!

When I finish my birthday wall I'll take a picture of that and add it to my part two!  I also realize I have no pictures of my library, so I will take pictures of that for the next reveal too!!  Plus I will share with you where and how I store my math, writing and word work areas!!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and TpT store! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your thankful wall. I can't wait to hear what the students write about. :) Have a wonderful Back to School. :)


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