Day 2 - a little about my room!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' again today for day two of their meet the teacher week!

Today is all about where I spend my days!!

I already shared part of my classroom reveal, but here is a recap of my three newest areas in pictures!!

My fantastic new word wall is a HUGE hit with my students!!  They love asking for a new word, and adding it to our word wall.  I even had a student ask in the middle of our social studies lesson the other day if he could add our vocabulary words to the wall!!  It is coming in handy, and the kids are USING it!!  Best idea ever!!  Thank you Pinterest, and some amazing people I saw use it!!  (Catherine, Marcy and Ashley you are my inspiration!!)

I love how neat my work display looks this year!  It is out of the way, uniform, and so cute!!  Plus, the kids can easily see each other's work now, and I used numbers so I can reuse this next year!!

Right now my Daily 5 board is blank, other than Catherine's reading strategy posters below.  I can't wait to start filling it up!!

I will have more classroom pictures to share tomorrow, when I share my organization!!


  1. I love your work display! So bright and cheery!

  2. I love the word wall. So appropriate for 3rd grade.
    Chickadee Jubilee


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