Blog Hoppin' 2014 . . . I'm going to win!!

I am so excited to be participating in the HUGE scavenger hunt going on right now!!

If you haven't heard about it yet, you need to go check it out here!!

You can check out this page and you will be able to see all sorts of other pictures that people have been posting!  Or, if you go check out IG, search #bloghoppin2014.  You will find TONS of pictures and you can see what everyone has been up to!!

It was so fun to take pictures in Vegas, and my roomie definitely helped me take some super sneaky ones!!

Our goal was to hit 50 by the time we left Vegas!!  By Monday night we had 46 I think! It was so much fun wandering around trying to find things!!  I'm so glad she didn't mind walking up holding my sign either so I could get some of these crazy pictures!!

Back to school shopping at Target, Walmart, Office Max and the Dollar Tree helped me find some more things on the huge list this week!!  I am so glad that my mom has gotten so into the scavenger hunt too!!  She drove up and down the aisles in the parking lot while I ran into Staples yesterday!!

When we went out tonight we walked the aisles again, and my mom even turned the car AROUND so I could go get a picture of a red door we drove by!!  (When we were going to drive by again it was going to be too dark!!)

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures, and if you haven't started already, I hope you join in the fun!!  You have until August 6 to play!!  If you don't join in and play, stay tuned to see what I win!!  :)


  1. I am dying over your ninja photo skills. I love that people don't seem to know they are a part of the photo shoot!

  2. This is great!!! hilarious!!! good luck!

  3. I LOVE the picture of the guy with the fanny pack and how your friend is just casually standing there holding the Blog Hoppin sign!

  4. LOL those sneaky photos are hilarious!! How fun!!


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