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Good morning everyone!  I am so happy to be linking up with The Ordianry to Extraordianry Classroom!

This link up was one of the first link ups that I did last year when I started this blogging journey!  I was so happy to see on IG last night that it was back!!

1. What's your summer teacher persona? 
  • Slacker Teacher:catching up on every episode of everything you wanted to watch during the school year 
  • Mommy-On-The-Go: consumed with your children's extracurricular activities
  • Summer Fun Teacher:hanging with friends and traveling the world
  • Overachiever Teacher:Making TPT products, proparing your classroom, you never really took a break

I have been a mixture of things this summer.  I have been the mommy on the go, but not taking my kids all over the place because they don't have extracurriculars yet.  Being 3 and 1 they just keep me on my toes ALL DAY!  Our day typically starts around 6, and ends around 7.

I was also on the summer fun teacher kick in June!  We did all of our big traveling as a family then.  I went to Vegas in July too, so that was A LOT of fun!!

2. It's a sunny day in July. Your schedule is wide open, so you decide to?

If our day in July is really wide open then we tend to spend the day at home moving from one activity to another.  We like to watch some toons, play with blocks, puzzles, eat some lunch and snacks, and then end our afternoon in the pool!  My little guy needs to be doing things, he isn't one to just sit around and watch TV all day.  He has learned how to work our iPads though, so we set limits on those!

3.What is your favorite summer thirst quencher?

My favorite summer drinks vary depending on my mood.  Here in the desert we tend to always be drinking something.  If I haven't had water yet that day, a LARGE glass of water in the afternoon always sounds so amazing.  I too like Sonic slurpees for an afternoon treat between 2-4 for happy hour!  My favorite is a lemon raspberry slush!!  At home I have been trying to cut out the soda, so I've been drinking ice tea or koolaid.  I also have Simply Lemonade in my house.  :)

4. Where will you be soaking up the summer sun? Have you planned any vacations?

Since my summer is almost over, we have already done all of our vacationing!  As a family we went on a long road trip.  We headed to Vegas first, then Lake Tahoe, then the Bay Area, and finished a few hours in Orange County.  It was so much fun to see all of my besties and babies on this trip, but we were so happy to be home!

Then my hubby went to Africa in the beginning of July for 12 days, and I headed up to Vegas!

5. Any summer reads, professional and personal?

I have been reading a TON this summer!!  I have been reading both professional and personal books! I love reading, and I am so excited that I am able to catch up on so much reading during the summer. It's easy when we are on these long road trips, my hubby does all the driving, and I am able to crack open a book (usually on my iPhone) and just read!

6. What does your summer TV habits consist of?

This has been the first year we have had DVR, so we have actually watched a lot of TV this summer.  We also found out about a way to watch the last season of How I Met Your Mother, so we were able to finish watching that!  We have been hooked on So You Think You Can Dance, 24, and of course I've been watching The Bachelorette!

7. Favorite Summer song of 2014?

I don't really have a favorite summer song.  I don't tend to listen to the radio with the kids in the car because you never know what is going to come on.


  1. I just started blogging and I just LOVE this idea! I can't wait to share mine next Monday! How did you watch the final season of How I Met Your Mother?! I'm too busy during the school year to watch any live TV, so I've been waiting until it comes on Netflix. It has been so hard to not read the spoilers.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great summer! The radio is risky - the local stripper bar has ads on the radio at 8 am. So unnecessary for the drive to school.


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