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Good morning!! Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again for Five for Friday!

I can't believe I only have two Fridays of summer left after today!!!

Earlier this week I drove up to my parent's house because that is where my kids were staying while I was in Vegas.  While I was there my mom and I did some back to school shopping!!  I love that my mom is excited to help me get ready for school!  We went to Target because someone said they had composition books on sale for 40 cents!!  I picked up enough for a class set in green and blue.  THEN I started calling around to see where I could get them cut in half!!  Fed Ex wasn't the cheapest, $1.45 a cut, but they could do more than one book at a time.  Office Max told me they could cut them too, but $1.09 a cut!  I am so excited to now have a class set of my books cut in half!!

After spending the week in Vegas working, working, working, and then coming home and trying to get a ton of things done school related, yesterday I didn't DO ANYTHING school related.  By the end of the day my to do list was running through my head, but we had so much fun it was well worth it!!  We went to a friend's house and played ALL DAY!!  It was amazing!!  She is a stay at home mom, who has way more creativity than I do, and there were so many fun things to do at her house!  Check out this water wall that my Bubs just LOVED!!

I'm so excited for this link that I saw on Ashley's TPT recap blog!!  Ashley is an amazing creator, and sells some amazing things, so if I can learn any tips from her I will take them!!  She shared this hyperlink site that she learned about in Vegas, and I used it the other night to add hyperlinks to my products on TPT.  IT IS AMAZING!!  If you were struggling to figure out how to do it, check out this site, IT IS SO EASY!!

I started working on my thankful cards in Vegas, and I am so glad that I finished them (for now!)  I plan on adding to the set as the school year goes, and I find new clip art I love, or a new reason to add another card.  Right now the set has 12 colored cards, and 13 black and white cards.  Each card is different, and I can't wait to use these on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!  I am hoping to do this at least once a month, but I am aiming for once a week, so that way at the end of the year I'll have a nice collection of things that my students have been thankful for all year!!  The cards are blank inside, no lines, so students can draw or write what they are thankful for which makes this great for any grade level!

I am so thankful to have spent so much time with my family this summer!!  I know that during the school year the time just flies by, and I am too busy to take things in and enjoy!  I am hoping that in the next two weeks of summer I will be able to take at least two more days where I do NOTHING school related and just spend time with my kids!!  I know this is going to be hard, my classroom is NO WHERE near ready, but I need to do this.  My babies only stay babies for so long!


  1. Isn't that crazy? I feel like as teachers we love what we do, we love create and blogging and getting ready. We want to do it. But we love our family and want to soak up every minute with them. I've decided I just want the impossible and to have a double day. A day to be all leisurely and doting mama and a day to be super creator teacher. I want all this in one day and without any energy depletion of course! Haha. Soak up your last days with your sweet babies!!

    Teaching with Hope

  2. I will have to check out that hyperlink site! I can do them... but with lots of angst and mistakes! :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. Hey there! I'd love for you to join my Back to School Linky Party!

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  4. I love cutting my spirals and composition books in half. The former I sometimes do by hand. The composition books I've gotten done for free at Home Depot when they aren't busy, but the cuts are a little rough because their machines obviously aren't designed to cut paper. I feel like I was the only one not in Vegas this past week. I'm a tiny bit jealous of everyone who was there!

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