Vegas - Day One!!

I am so excited that we are here in Vegas!!  We drove in Sunday night, and I was able t spend yesterday relaxing!  My friend is going to iTeach 1st Grade so we weren't able to spend our day relaxing together, but she had a great time at her first day!!  Plus then she'll get a day to relax before we go home at the end of the week!

My first session today was pretty funny!  I sat through a session about reading mini lessons, and learned different strategies to reach all learners.  I also saw sitting across from me a familiar face, and made sure to introduce myself after the session!!

Sure enough right across from me was The Brown Bag Teacher!!  Make sure you go check out her blog!  She has some amazing things going on, and I love her new word wall!!

My second session was great too, and I learned a cool new math trick!!

The guy at the end of the video says he doesn't know how it works, but hopefully us teachers can explain to our kids that it works because all of the kids will make combinations of 10!

After lunch I went up to check out the exhibit hall.  There were so many people up there this morning it was way too overwhelming.  When I went during lunch it was a lot better because all of the iTeach 1st Grade, and iTeach K had gone to sessions!

While I was up there I checked out many of the booths, but my favorites of course were Go Noodle! and Creative Teaching Press!

While I was with Creative Teaching Press I was able to meet Greg from Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten!

I love the new chevron pennant I got too!  I can't wait to hang it in my room!!  I was able to get it in pink and green!!

Now I am excited to be sitting in my hotel room, relaxing with my bestie!!

See you tomorrow SDE!!

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