Vegas - day 2!!

Our walk down to the Venetian today wasn't as bad as has been earlier this week.  The weather was really nice when we were out too!

My morning was amazing!!  I didn't run into any new friends, but I sat through two amazing sessions!!

My first one was all about math, and using 8 mathematical practices.

Then in a reading session I found great new ideas for my students to show me what they are reading about.  She also gave a really great idea about using a die to roll how we would read the story again for the second or third time.

I really like this idea, and can't wait to find some cute clip art to use to show the different options that I'll give my kids to read their stories.  I might have already added some Edu-Clips sets to my wish list!!

After lunch I was able to go to another math session by the same presenter from this morning.  She was that great, that I wanted to go back and learn more!!  I was able to learn a lot more about math journals, get some AWESOME free websites to check out for performance tasks!  We played a bump game too, so I started creating my own bump boards with my room colors.

Last night was the big blogger meet up!!  It was crazy!!  I will spend a whole blog post talking about it later when I can get home and process everything!!  Let's just say . . . . it was FANTASTIC!!


  1. HI! Would you be willing to share some of the FREE websites with performance tasks? Thank you. :)

  2. Love seeing all the fun you're having on Instagram!! Can't wait to hear more!!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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