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I am linking up this morning with Farley to bring you my Currently!  It's crazy to believe that it is already June 3!!  Even crazier to think that this is already my second week of summer and I haven't been back in my classroom yet!!  Very unlike me!  I keep seeing the  amazing work that Ashely is doing in her classroom and it makes me wish my room was ready for me to move into!

Currently - thanks to Farley for the amazing link up!  I'm all about SUMMER!!

I didn't get up earlier than my little people today because I had a girl's night last night.  Since I missed out on this alone time my sounds have even changed since I created my graphic.  Now my kiddos are sitting at the table with me and coloring.

I am LOVING summer!  It is so nice to not have to set the alarm, to not have to wake up my little people too early, and to be able to stay up late!!  Plus we get to spend time swimming, and napping!!

I am thinking about everything that I have on my to do list that I want to get accomplished!  Today's to do list includes a baseball game with my hubby though!!

I am wanting a new swim suit for Vegas!  I found the top I want at Target last night!  It's super cute, but I am going to keep looking just in case!

I need my hip to feel better!  I think I have a pinched nerve from sitting in the car so long this week!  My sister's wedding was this past weekend and we drove from where she got married all the way home!!  It was a 16 hour drive!  Luckily we split it up over 2 days, but it was still A LOT of time in the car!

My baby sister got married in Eureka, CA.  It was a beautiful day!

What I'm LOVIN about this summer is spending time with my babies and we love swimming every day!!  Sometimes we even go twice a day!!

I am super excited for VEGAS!!  I can't believe how quickly it is getting here!  I am slowly getting everything ready, and I might have picked up two pairs of shorts yesterday!!

Target trip always includes things for the house, things for myself, and of course things for the classroom!

Make sure to check out Farley to see what everyone else is up to this month!!


  1. I am so jealous! I have 3 weeks until my school year is over....and then I am teaching ESY. I cannot wait until I do not have to turn off an alarm!!

    Do not go back to that classroom...even if it is calling your name-RELAX and enjoy your summer!

  2. I enjoyed reading your Currently! I also can't sit for long periods of time. I have what's called spondylolisthesis. I can control flare ups with stretching every morning for 20 minutes. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for sharing!

    I Heart My Kinder Kids

  3. LOL! I LOVE napping! I think I spend the first few weeks of summer vacation just napping, on and off! I hope your hip feels better soon. Have a fantastic summer! Carol's Teaching Garden


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