Summer Stock Up FREEBIE!

I am so excited to be sharing in the Summer Stock Up!!

I am so excited about my NEW monthly math centers that I wanted to show them off to you!  They are going to be a great asset to my classroom, and I know you'll love them too!

I have put a lot of time, and effort into my new math centers, and I am loving that every month the students will be practicing FIVE core concepts!

To help you become familiar with my new centers I am giving you my graphing center from my August centers!

These graphing activities are perfect because they have no prep!  All your students need is a pencil, paper clip and I used some colored pencils to color in my graph, but they don't have to.

I love these types of graphing activities because the students are the ones creating the data.  They get to spin their paper clip to create their tally marks.  They could do this with a partner to make sure that they are creating the graphs correctly, as there is no way to know for sure how many times they spun each ball.

These bar graphs force them to know that the lines are only the even numbers, and that the odd numbers are half way between the lines.  You can then tell if they can count their tally marks, and correctly draw the bars.

There are two different spin graphs available to you in this center!  One with the three balls, and then another one with four different sports!  This way multiple sports are given!

I hope that you will enjoy this freebie!!  You can grab it by following this image below!!  Make sure you continue on the Facebook hop so you can find even more awesome freebies as well!!  If the Facebook page isn't working, you can also grab the freebie HERE on TPT!

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  1. I don't see the link. None of your pictures go to the freebie. I would love to try this product. Help!


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