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I am excited to be linking up again today with the Pinterest Pick 3 from Inspired Owl's Corner and PAWSitively Teaching!  I did this a few months ago, and LOVED it!  I am excited to be checking out Pinterest a lot again since it is summer!  This along with Monday Made It is going to help me get ready for next school year!!

Great idea for displaying student pictures or quotes in the classroom!

I LOVE this idea!  How cute would this be with the frames from Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joann's.  I am thinking I might paint them all in my bright blue and green, and then use black and white pictures?!  Or, I could use chalkboard quotes too!!  Instead of nailing them to the wall, because I can't do that in my room, I was thinking of hanging them with ribbon!

I have seen a lot of No Name ideas floating around!  I love the idea of having a place to put all of the papers because I tend to put them in a "pile" and then I lose them when I am going to pass back papers and a kid tells me he did it!  I love this idea from 3rd Grade Thoughts!!

I really like this idea as an anchor activity!!  What a fun way to display numbers, and place value at the same time.  My mind is turning on how I can create this during the summer so that way all I have to do next year is change out the numbers, and this could be an awesome center for my students to work on!!  If this is from your classroom PLEASE let me know! The image on Pinterest doesn't have a home!!

I know all of my images are school related things, and I promise I am doing other things this summer, but mostly we are swimming, playing in the yard at my parent's house, walking, or going on bike rides!!  Not much to pin about those!!

Make sure to check out the amazing organizers of this fun linky and link up with what you are inspired to do this month!!

Inspired Owl's Corner


  1. Love your pins, Cassandra! And oh do I need the No Name plaque! I used those Command Strips by 3M for my pictures and they worked like a charm! I am not good with nails. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up! :)

  2. Oh, I totally think you should use the ribbon! If you did turquoise on the frames with black and white pictures you could use black and white polka dot ribbon. It would be too precious! Post a photo when you do it! I would love to see how they turn out.

  3. I love this idea to use with my 5th graders this year! I have the perfect place for it in my room.

  4. I love this idea to use with my 5th graders this year! I have the perfect place for it in my room.


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